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Rolling Shutters

Rolling Storm Shutters

While removable storm shutters will work in some instances to provide security when it’s needed the most, there is often a need for year-round protection. When this is the case, rolling shutter designs make the perfect choice. Whether you’re a homeowner, a contractor, or an architect, you’ll discover these hurricane shutters deliver exactly what you’re looking for – performance, quality, convenience and aesthetic appeal.

When they are properly closed, the design affords the protection of security shutters. The features included make it nearly impossible for burglars to gain entry through windows and sliding doors that are properly covered. These roller shutter designs are a proven burglary deterrent. They form a physical barrier between the would-be thief and any valuables found within a property.

Shaped Rolling Storm Shutters

Alutech's Studio Star is a unique shutter that will protect virtually any shaped opening! Ideal for all triangular, arched and unusual shaped windows. All Alutech's shutters are designed to protect buildings from the worst of storms, the most determined burglar, the brightest sunlight and the most variable thermal conditions imaginable.

Rolling Sunroom Shutters

The Sun Star shutter system is a sun-shading rolling shutter used to cover horizontal glass surfaces such as those found on sunrooms, solariums and skylights, designed purposefully so that you can control the sunlight and temperature of your room, providing comfort and maximum protection amidst the most variable thermal conditions imaginable.

What's the Legacy Difference

Somfy Motor Systems

Somfy Motor Systems is the premier tubular motor manufacturer in the world. 110 million motors have been sold since 1980. These motors are by far the longest-lasting motors on the market. Most of our motor replacements are in the 12-15 year range with some motors lasting 20 years. They come with a 5 Year industry best warranty. 

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Rolling Storm Shutters

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