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Retractable Shades by Legacy

Video of Motorized Side Retention Shades

Side Retention Solar Shades

Side Retention retractable shades are the best shading systems out there. The tracks allow the fabric to "Zip In" when going up and down. This allows the system to handle high winds and create a retractable screened in room. Keep cool and keep the bugs out with solar screen blocking 90-95% of UV rays. Also available in Privacy and Blackout fabrics. Available in widths up to 18' Wide and 16' Drops. For larger screens look at ShadeZilla, up to 30' Widths. Comes standard with Motorized and cassette. 

Zip with Vinyl Windows

The Vinyl window Side Retention shade is the perfect solution to keep your porch warmer in the winter time. Most of these systems we install are on restaurants and club houses as they are excellent in keeping the elements out but great to retract on a nice day. We use only Premium vinyl windows with Ferrari vinyl borders. Available up to 26' Wide with a 12' Drop. 

 Cassette Shade With Cable Guides

Cassette shades have the same features as the Side Retention system without the Zip track. Instead you have the option of cable guides or standard tracks to keep the bottom bar in place when bringing the shade up and down. These shades are great at getting over some serious obstacles where the Zip tracks are not applicable. Available up to 18' Wide with 12' Drop, Motorized or Manual. 

Side Retention with Insect Screen

This is our Side Retention system using one of our premier Insect Screen fabrics. We use only Twitchell SuperScreen or Phifer Tuffscreen Insect screens. They are available in standard insect weave up to No-See-Um weave to block the smallest of bugs while still keeping excellent visibility. Our installation process is top notch making sure we mortar, caulk and fill all gaps to ensure you have a bug free environment. 

ShadeZilla Zip Screens

The ShadeZilla shade is the solution when you need a big screen, a very big screen. Available up to 30' Wide with a 20' Drop these monsters will keep your porch cool and those insects away. Motorized only. 

Manual Vertical Drop

Vertical Drop is an excellent economical system available up to 19' Wide with 12' Drops. It is an "Open roll" system which means no cassette. It has a heavy duty manual crank to operate the shade and is available with cable guides or standard tracks to keep the bottom bar in place. Solar screens available in 90-95% UV blockage. Also available in Privacy 99% UV Sunbrella fabric. 

What's the Legacy Difference

Somfy Motor Systems

Somfy Motor Systems is the premier tubular motor manufacturer in the world. 110 million motors have been sold since 1980. These motors are by far the longest-lasting motors on the market. Most of our motor replacements are in the 12-15 year range with some motors lasting 20 years. They come with a 10-Year industry best warranty. 

Videos & Pictures

Side retention Solar & Insect

Cassette Shades

Vinyl Window Zip

Manual Vertical Drop

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