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Retractable Awnings by Legacy 

Retractable Awnings Austin, TX

As anyone in Austin knows, the heat of the summer sun can be brutal! But Eclipse retractable awnings make your home’s outdoor areas a more comfortable, inviting place to be even when the sun is at its most intense. Whether you want to shade your patio or deck so that there’s a cooler place to hang out when you’re grilling or when you’re not in the pool, or you need more usable space to entertain guests, the Eclipse retractable awnings we offer in the Austin area enhance your outdoor living.


Our motorized awnings are easy to use, so you can have shade when you need it and retract your awning when you don’t. And besides making your home’s outdoor areas a more pleasant place to be, our shading systems have some benefits for your home that you might not have thought of. Retractable awnings can also:

  • Keep your home cooler in the summer by shading it from the heat of the sun, helping to lower your energy bills.

  • Help protect your draperies, your furniture’s upholstery and your rugs from sun damage.

  • Protect your outdoor furniture from fading, and keep it cooler to the touch so it’s more comfortable to use.

  • Help you lower your risk of skin cancer by providing a way to enjoy the outdoors without being in direct sunlight.


An attractive retractable awning can also add curb appeal to your home, adding to its value as well as making your outdoor areas more enjoyable places to spend time. We install Eclipse retractable awnings in Austin, TX in your choice of styles and fabric colors, so contact us to see what options are available.


We offer several Eclipse awning products, including many types of window and porch awnings. Take a look at the Eclipse retractable awnings on this page, and contact us to discuss your needs and to get a quote. We look forward to serving you!

Eclipse Premier Semi-Cassette

Motorized Retractable Awning

Ideal for roof mounting, and perfect for residential or commercial use, the Eclipse Premier is the upgrade of the Eclipse model. Although it features greater projection depths and wider measurements, it still maintains its sleek lines and elegant appearance. Available up to 22' Wide with 13' Projection.

Eclipse Premier Retractable Awning

Of all our patio awnings and deck awnings, this is the most popular. Extended or retracted, the Eclipse retractable patio awning will enhance the appearance of your home. It can be mounted on an existing wall, under a soffit or onto your roof. Available up to 40' Wide with 13' Projection. Motorized or Manual Operation. Drop shade up to 22' Wide.

Total Eclipse – Long Projection Motorized Awning

Many deck or porch awnings don’t give you complete coverage, leaving some parts of your deck exposed to the sun. The Total Eclipse is the perfect awning if you have a large outdoor living space. With its extra long projection – of up to 16 ½ feet – it’s ideal for commercial use too. Available up to 40' Wide. Drop Shade Available up to 22' Wide.

Eclipse Window and Porch Awning

The Eclipse Window and Porch Awning can drop all the way down for full porch and window coverage. This feature is perfect in providing shade from low sun angles and helps reduce energy costs of your home. It will also provide you with privacy and can be raised up when not needed to maintain your view.

What's the Eclipse Difference

Advanced Belt Technology

Have you ever wondered what makes the awnings at Eclipse Shading Systems so special? It’s because we use Advanced Belt Technology, or ABT, when we create our custom made shading systems for our clients. The advanced design of Advanced Belt Technology consists of 9 high carbon steel cables enmeshed in a poly carbon UV resistant, or PVC, covering. This PVC covering prevents the usual wear and tear caused by traditional chains and cables. The result is a beautiful awning that will remain corrosion-free for many years to come.

The mechanical resistance features that ABT provides, along with its chemical stability, result in a product that has been proven to last for 60,000 cycles. The combination of quality, aesthetic appeal, and durability of Advanced Belt Technology make this product truly unbeatable.

Videos & Pictures

Premier Semi-Cassette

Eclipse Premier Awning

Total Eclipse Awning

Window & Porch Awning


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